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I would like to take this time and welcome you, our valued guest, to My name is Andrew Pennington and I am the founder of the webpage. I got the idea to found Contractor Yard Sale in late 2010 when I noticed a trend in my fathers building materials business. Often times contractors would over order products on a job and we could not accept the huge volume of returns that were requested. This left them stuck with a growing amount of surplus merchandise, and no way to get rid of it. That is when I had a lightbulb moment, why not provide a resource that connected the contractors with the surplus, to customers that are looking to buy items at a lower price, or lesser quantity, than what you find in retail building material suppliers? The contractors liquidate their surplus, the buyers save lots of cash, and everyone wins.

The idea didn't stop there.... The family business also had a warehouse that was building up quite a large amount of out of production, or like the mentioned contractors, over ordered items. These items were not only unharmed, but also brand new and still packaged. They were just shuffled to the back to make room from new showroom merchandise, or they were not common sizes, etc. But, in my thinking, why let them collect dust and not cash? Someone, somewhere would love to buy our surplus items for their project, we just needed to make its existence known to the public. It was through this anti-dust, and pro-cash idea that came

Heres an example to help grasp the concept.

Think of it like this....

In this rough financial climate you have no doubt probably had to make accomodations to account for changes in income, huge hikes on insurance rates, or difficulties in acquiring credit. These changes cut out many of the things we have grown to love including eating out nightly, spa visits, buying a new vehicle, expensive shopping habits, and even home remodeling. Some may call this "tightening up", or "survival mode", but I call it a time to implement alternative buying methods.

Say you decide that since your newly acquired wife wants to have children that you need an extra room on the house. But with the way work has been lately, you cannot afford to drive to the local retail building materials store, and simply purchase all you need for the addition; killing the project before it starts.

But Wait!!

Don't go digging a grave for juniors new room just yet.

I would be willing to bet that you would be happy to do something like... lets say..... change the size of a window opening so you could purchase a surplus item from a local contractor that you saw advertised on, for half the price. Making the project costs sliced in half or better, and your usual, "I can't afford to remodel now", into "what can I remodel next". 

Don't consider construction a cannot, just go yard sellin'

After all, juniors gotta have a place to live.

Hope you enjoy the site,

Andrew Pennington